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Buyers of imported vehicles often find it almost impossible to finance their purchase because the Finance Industry does not recognise imported vehicles the same way it does the main stream brands. Even if you have an excellent credit rating and a long association with your bank, most financial institutions will ask for a minimum of 30 percent deposit and a maximum term of just 3 or 4 years, which does not suit most people in business. They will also give you a flat no if the vehicle is still overseas, which is usually the case with most importers and converters of vehicles.

Some of our competitors require buyers to pay large deposits usually equalling the purchase price of the vehicle which is still overseas and then pay for the freight and conversion costs during the 5 or 6 months it takes to get delivered. At that point you have paid almost the full amount for the vehicle without ever seeing it and you have no idea of the quality of the workmanship of the conversion, until you take delivery.

At Performance West, the buying experience is very different. For example we carry most models in stock with a wide range of body styles, colours, equipment levels, options and accessories. You have the benefit of being able to see and test drive the actual vehicle you are purchasing. This way you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that the vehicle you are buying is exactly what you want. We will trade just about anything and offer customised no deposit finance and insurance at very competitive rates, all to meet your business or personal needs.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to custom order their vehicle, whereby you can place an order with the factory and have your vehicle built to your specifications. This can be done for a minimal deposit with the balance payable when we hand you the keys to your new vehicle, which would be fully ADR compliant and registered in Western Australia.

Should a customer not find the exact vehicle he or she is looking for in our floor stock and does not want to wait for a vehicle to be ordered and shipped, they can choose from a large range of stock orders that we have in the system. These vehicles will either be in transit or going through the conversion process offering a minimal delay in taking delivery. Again, only a small deposit is required to secure your vehicle of choice.

For those customers who don’t want or require finance and are happy to order a vehicle and fund the buying, shipping and conversion costs as and when required, there are substantial savings to be made in the purchase of the vehicle.

No matter which way you look at it, it makes total sense to purchase your new imported vehicle through Performance West – a local West Australian owned and operated company that is here to stay.  Not only do we offer no deposit finance to approved customers, tailored to their specific needs and a 3 year 120,000km warranty but we also offer 24hr Road Side Assist, a huge range of product to choose from, a wide range of genuine parts and accessories and a fully equipped service division with qualified service technicians using the latest factory diagnostic equipment.

Our customers enjoy the benefit of being able to pick up the phone 7 days a week for dealer support and knowing that they have a familiar face to go see if they have a service issue. This is unlike other owners who have purchased their vehicles elsewhere and get little or no support or warranty assistance and are left to sort out any problems themselves once they have taken possession.